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Frequently Asked Questions

Will these Loungers work without damaging a vinyl-lined pool?

These chairs are compatible with vinyl pools; however, the chairs are heavy when filled with water, and proper care should be taken if moving a heavy object on any pool surface.

What length of pool shelf is needed for the Loungers?

The Kai Shelf lounger requires a pool shelf length of at least 66 inches.

Is 9 inches of water too deep? How deep would the water need to be to have some water over the seat of the lounger?

9" of water or less will allow you to sink the chair on the shelf properly. At 5.5", you will get water in the chair, and as you go up from 5.5", that will determine how much water you get in the chair.

Is there a weight limit for the Lounger?

Our Kai Shelf Loungers have a weight limit of 300 lbs/136 kgs.

How often does the water need to be emptied from the Lounger?

We recommend completely draining the water from the Kai Shelf Lounger once per season. We also recommend running a hose water through the chair every 90 days for five to ten minutes. This will ensure the longest possible life for your Kai Shelf Lounger.

How much does the Lounger weigh when filled with water?

The Lounger is 41 pounds unfilled, and roughly 215 pounds once it is filled with water.

When treating the pool to balance the water, do loungers need to be removed?

The Kai Shelf Lounger does not need to be removed during routine pool servicing. If you are treating the pool to start a season or to correct an issue with the pool’s chemistry, you should remove the chair.

What is your return policy?

Click here to view our refund policy.

Our pool is saltwater; do we fill it with pool water or hose water?

Kai Shelf Loungers are designed to be filled easily with a hose.