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From Bland to Bliss – Transform Your Yard into an Outdoor Oasis

August 01 2019 – Bryan Dunford

Backyard with Waterfall
Backyard with Waterfall

It’s summer, it’s busy, and if you’re anywhere near us in Florida, you know the heat and humidity can be unbearable. If only we could escape our hectic schedules and beat the heat by fleeing to an aquatic paradise.

Enter the travel bug, the little guy inside your brain who spurs thoughts of relaxing beachside to the sound of crashing waves. He’s stirring up images of you peering out over an infinity edge pool while sipping a mouthwatering (i.e. strong) margarita. He’s planting the seed of you and your significant other, worry-free, in a beach-side paradise.

Now, smash that bug and enter the less relaxing realm of reality. Escaping to an exotic island, although wonderful, isn’t necessarily practical. We have kids, grandkids, bills, and responsibilities. But, that doesn’t mean we can’t create our very own oasis right at home! We’ve narrowed down the top ways to transform your backyard into your very own vacation destination, guaranteed to cost you less than a private island getaway.

String Lights

String Lights

Nothing sets an ambiance like lighting. Dainty string lights offer just enough illumination to emulate a tropical starry night without lighting up the entire neighborhood. If the weather permits, opt for an outdoor dinner. The dimly lit atmosphere will have you feeling as if you were dining on the beach at an upscale resort restaurant.

Pool with Fountain

Install an Outdoor Fountain

Sounds of water and nature have been proven to relax our bodies and restore our psyches. Installing a small fountain, whether in your pool or above ground, will add an extra level of leisure to your backyard getaway. Close your eyes, breathe deep, and allow yourself to unwind to the calming sound of flowing water.


The more plants, the merrier!

Like natural sounds, greenery offers plenty of health benefits to both the mind and body. Studies have shown that flowers aid in stress relief and relaxation. Specific colors of flowers are even known to enhance moods. Not to mention, they’re an added dimension of paradise to your yard, transforming your space from bland to blissful.

Floating Luxury Pool Floats

Invest in a Luxury Pool Float

If you have a pool in your backyard, there’s no doubt you’ll be spending plenty of time in the water to beat the heat. That being said, investing in a good pool float is imperative. We like to think of it as a mattress for the water – for the amount of time you spend in your bed, choosing the right mattress to ensure quality sleep is essential. Same goes for your pool float! Trash your plastic inflatable tube and upgrade to a luxurious lounger that will not only last you for years, but one that will make you feel that much closer to exclusivity.

Woman on Hammock

Hang a Hammock

Nothing says relaxation like swaying on a hammock strung between trees. There’s something about the gentle rocking and soft breeze that instantly relieves stress and calms nerves. Hang out in your hammock with a good book or curl up for an afternoon snooze. However you use your hammock, we guarantee it will be a key component to your heavenly hideaway.

Although we all wish we could jet set to a faraway island at the drop of a hat, we know that life calls. Hopefully these small tips and tricks will add a hint of paradise to your home and help transform your yard into the ultimate outdoor oasis you can enjoy year-round!