The Kai
Pool Chaise

Comfortable relaxation for your sun shelf or Baja shelf that keeps your drink close at hand.

Made in the USA

Convenient Cup Holder

Our Chaise features a built-in cup holder to keep your favorite beverage within arms reach.

close up of chaise showing built in cupholder on right side
a young woman relaxes on her floating luxuries kai pool chaise

True Resort Width at 26.5" (67.3 cm)

At over two feet in width, the Kai Pool Chaise gives you the space you need to experience resort-style luxury.

Easily accessible phone holder

The Kai Pool Chaise Features an integrated phone holder in the head rest that keeps your device secure and dry.

close up of chaise showing built in phone holder near the top headrest on the left side

Key Features

Ideal for pool tanning shelves with 9-inches (22.86 cm) of water or less.

The Kai Pool Chaise was designed to work in the most common shelf depths. Correct measurements of your pool’s water depth will ensure the Kai Pool Chaise will work properly in your pool.

Simply add water until the Kai Pool Chaise rests securely on tanning shelf.

Easily set up with one person. The Kai Pool Chaise features an easily accessible fill hole on the back, this allows you to add water easily until the chaise rests securely on the shelf.

Stay-put Base (Anti-Rocking)

We designed our Chaise to prevent rocking and tipping, keeping you stable while enjoying the pool.

Works in Saltwater and Chlorine Pools

The Floating Luxuries Kai Pool Chaise was designed to work in chlorine and saltwater pools with no problems. To prevent issues from a hot, beating sun, we use Polyethylene with UV inhibitors for extra-long life.

Easy Maintenance

You'll need close-to-zero maintenance of this pool chaise. Fill with water when ready to use and empty when you're ready to store. A Drain slot in middle of chair prevents water and pollen from collecting and causing discoloration. While any furniture located outdoors will require some cleaning, maintenance on the Kai Pool Chaise is simple. See our cleaning guide for more information.


Constructed of UV 20+ durable polyethylene, rated for 20,000 hours of exposure to sunlight.


Sold in Sets